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Eleven years after the Easter Monday egg rolling festivities came to the White House, President Benjamin Harrison scored a hit by adding music to the affair. In 1889, he had the United States Marine Band, known as "The President's Own," play lively tunes while the children romped on the South Lawn. John Philip Sousa, who directed the band, took delight in treating the egg roll guests to rousing marches. Sousa honored the occasion in his 1929 composition "Easter Monday on the White House Lawn." U.S. Marine Band concerts were always a highlight of the event, and they continue to provide egg roll celebrants with music to make this day even more special.

Martin Luther King Jr. Library (Washingtoniana Division)
White House Historical Association
Library of Congress
Martin Luther King Jr. Library (Washingtoniana Division)

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Photo credits: c. early 20th Century -- Library of Congress, White House Historical Association, Martin Luther King, Jr. Library (Washingtoniana Division)

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