An Artist Visits the White House Past

From its construction in 1792, until the 1902 renovation that shaped the modern identity and functions of the interior of the White House, the fourteen paintings of this series by renowned artist, Peter Waddell, examine the history of a national icon.

The Press at the White House

A visual-narrative presentation that documents the development of the press at the White House and its unique relationship to the presidents and their administrations.

A Brief History of Presidential Inaugurations

An online presentation tracing the rich history of one of America's most celebrated and proud traditions.

James Hoban  ›  Architect of the White House

An online exhibit documenting the illustrative career of architect, James Hoban, not just as architect of the White House, but for his major contributions to the early growth and development of Washington, D.C.

White House Pets

Animals whether pampered household pets, working livestock, birds, squirrels, or strays have long been a major part of life at the White House.

White House Horses

American presidents throughout history have appreciated the utility and admired the grandeur of the horse, enjoying the beauty and skill of these uncomplaining public servants for work, sport, and leisure.

The Working White House

The Working White House exhibit explores the occupational culture—the stories, traditions, memories, and skills—of the men and women who have operated, maintained, and helped preserve the Executive Mansion.

The United States Marine Band

On July 11, 1798, President John Adams approved legislation that officially brought "The President's Own" United States Marine Band into being, making the Marine Band America's oldest professional musical organization.

World War II  ›  The White House at War

The online adaptation of an exhibit tracing the volatile, resilient and ultimately victorious days at the White House between December 1941 and August 1945.