The American Presidents

Created and composed by Genevieve Madeline Ryan, a unique visual-audio documentary that honors our presidents in song.

Lectures / Interviews / Tributes

A number of fascinating White House history discussions delivered by several distinguished guests, their audio presentations taken from symposia, our ongoing lecture series and one-on-one interviews.

The President's House and Its People  ›  Interview

Former White House curator, Betty Monkman, discusses the nature of the White House as a home to the first family, the role of its workers and staff, and the labor force behind its physical construction.

Presidential Vacations & Retreats  ›  Interview

Historian Lawrence Knutson talks about presidential vacations and retreats, with remarks taken from his book Escaping the Gilded Cage.

The President's House  ›  Interview

White House Historian William Seale, author of The President's House, discusses the unique continuum of the White House in American history and as home to presidents and their families.

Eleanor Roosevelt's "My Day"  ›  Interview

Allida Black, Director and Editor of The Eleanor Roosevelt Papers, discusses the collaborative "Eleanor Roosevelt Papers Project" and the first lady's syndicated column: "My Day."