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The President's House: A History by noted historian William Seale, published by the White House Historical Association in two rich volumes, chronicles both the unique continuum of the White House in American history and its human side as home to presidents and their families. It chronicles every president from George Washington to George H. W. Bush. The William J. Clinton and George W. Bush years are included in an epilogue.

"Granting that walls can't talk, I've done my best to make them seem to in The Presidents House, says author Seale. "I've sought out documents, old letters and books and brought them together, president by president. And I've made every use I possibly could of the house as it stands, going over it carefully, attic to cellar, for what it can tell about its past and how it was, as well as how it is today."

"Intensely human, prodigiously researched, and gracefully told, this is, in so many ways, Our Story – the narrative of a nation as embodied in a house and its occupants . . . Nobody knows more about the White House than William Seale, and no one can match his gift for making America's House come alive through centuries." Richard Norton Smith, Presidential Historian

North Front of the President's House, c. 1800, by Samuel Blodget, Jr.

North Front of the President's House, c. 1800, by Samuel Blodget, Jr. The White House