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Art in the White House

From his September 2008 presentation at the Smithsonian, art historian and White House Collection expert, William Kloss, guides this audio tour of eleven of the more notable pieces of artwork in The White House collection.

Art in the White House  ›  For Kids

A tour of the "White House as Museum," including audio trivia and magnification tools that allow kids to explore notable artworks within The White House Collection

The White House Art Collection Resource & Research Library

The images presented here comprise a selection of portraits, landscapes, historical scenes, sculpture, and other works of art from the White House Collection. Browse, register and download images from our expanding library.

The White House Collection: Decorative Arts Timeline

From John & Abigail Adams' arrival in November, 1800, to present days, the White House has housed one of the nation's most important collections of decorative arts.

The White House Collection  ›  Conversations with the White House Curators

»  Conservation of the White House Collection  [PDF]  ›  William Allman, White House Curator

»  The Acquisition of Presidential Portraits  [PDF]  ›  Betty C. Monkman, Curator Emeritus

Treasures of the White House Collection  |  Gifts of the Association

Summaries documenting the history & provenance of notable artworks and pieces of decorative arts in the White House Collection, including gifts to the Collection from the White House Historical Association.

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