"Lectures & Interviews"

The James Hoban Symposium  ›  March 13, 2008

"Imagining James Hoban" [MP3]
  »  William Bushong presents a "Portrait" of James Hoban

"History and James Hoban" [MP3]
  »  William Seale, presents a definitive account of the life and times of James Hoban

"James Hoban Lifetime Achievement Award" [MP3]
  »  Mr. Robert L. Breeden's Acceptance Remarks

The White House  ›  A Workplace & Home

"White House Ghosts" [MP3]
  »  Robert Schlesinger, author of White House Ghosts, talks about the role of speechwriters: 2010

"Lincoln's White House" [MP3]
  »  William Seale discusses the Lincoln White House, WHHA Educator Workshop: July 2008

"Home to the First Family" [MP3]
  »  Betty Monkman, illuminates the role of the White House as the home to the first family: July 2007

The Working White House  ›  

The Working White House, a collaborative exhibit of SITES (Smithsonian Center for Folklife and Cultural Heritage) and WHHA, focused on the men and women who served not only the First Family, but also the nation. The following interview remembered "Preston Bruce" through the recollections of his son, Preston Bruce, Jr., and daughter, Elaine Bruce Pryor.

»  The Working White House: "Preston Bruce" [Pt. I] [MP3]

»  The Working White House: "Preston Bruce" [Pt. II] [MP3]

»  The Working White House: "Preston Bruce" [Pt. III] [MP3]

«  White House History Themes