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The White House Architecture Timeline

Starting with George Washington picking the location for the new "President's House," through its burning in 1814, its rebuilding and every remodeling, expansion, and renovation since project, these pages trace the architectural history of America's most famous house.

James Hoban  ›  Architect of the White House

»  2008 James Hoban Symposium Program Lectures

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»  "The Eye of Guardianship," Theodore Roosevelt and the AIA [PDF]

»  "Reality and Illusion," The White House and Harry S. Truman [PDF]

»  Beauty and History Preserved in Stone [PDF]

Mr. Truman's Renovation  ›  The Photographs of Abbie Rowe

The 1948-1952 renovation of the White House was the most comprehensive architectural project the house had undergone since its re-building after the War of 1812. The entire inside of the house was gutted and re-built to twentieth century standards. National Park Service photographer, Abbie Rowe recorded the entire process.

A Tour of the White House

The definitive audio-visual tour of America's most famous house, including individual historic-tours of the Ground Floor, the State Floor rooms and the Second Floor.

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