A Tour of the White House

The definitive audio-visual tour of America's most famous house, including individual historic-tours of the Ground Floor, the State Floor rooms and the Second Floor.

The West Wing  ›  Workshop of Democracy

From its initial construction in 1902 to its expansion in the 1930s and the endless upgrades to synch the building with each succeeding era, the West Wing has been the nerve center of American democracy.

The Gardens & Grounds

A seven part tour documenting the history of the White House gardens and trees, its landscaping and landscapers, first family recreation and official ceremonies within "Presidents Park"

Art in the White House  ›  For Kids

A tour of the "White House as Museum," including audio trivia and magnification tools that allow kids to explore notable artworks within The White House Collection

Bird Watching Expedition  ›  For Kids

Be on the lookout for eagles in this animated tour of the White House, hosted by George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Theodore Roosevelt and others!

Lincoln's Commute

During his presidency, Abraham Lincoln and his family resided seasonally in a cottage on the Soldiers' Home grounds, which offered quiet and relief from the heat of the city center. While living at the Cottage, Lincoln commuted to the White House daily, often passing the first National Cemetery, military hospitals, and a contraband camp along the way. What he witnessed were powerful reminders of the price and the promise of freedom.

Citizen's Soapbox  ›  Protest at the White House

Lafayette Park is a place where many influential protests for social justice have taken place.  It has been, and continues to be, a focal point for the expression of American ideals. Inspired by the First Amendment, citizens continue to exercise their rights of free speech here, using Lafayette Park as their stage and the White House as their valued audience.