Decatur House

Decatur House Slave Quarters: Members of Gadsby's Enslaved Household

According to John Gadsby's 1844 will, he bequeathed the following 17 enslaved people to his wife Providence during the time they owned Decatur House:

Nace (Ignatius Newton), age 50

Henry King, age 40

Maria King, age 35

Celia King, age 16

Charles King, age 9

Sarah Jane King, age 4

George King, age 18 months

Maria Williams, age 30

Martha Ann Williams, age 7

Mary Ellen Williams, age 4

James Williams, age 18 months

Kesiah Williams, age 28

Mary Frances Williams, age 7

William Williams, age 5

Rosa Marks, age 48

Nancy Syphax, age 45

James Long, age 24

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