Paul Jennings

Paul Jennings' Letter to Daniel Webster.

John H. Paynter's Fugitives of the Pearl, published in 1930, is the first source to identify Paul Jennings as one of the people who helped plan the escape aboard the Pearl. The book asserts that Jennings came back to Webster's house and retrieved the letter he had written before Webster saw it. A transcription of the letter appears in Fugitives of the Pearl, but its authenticity has not been verified. According to Fugitives of the Pearl, Jennings' letter to Webster read:

Honored Friend,

A deep desire to be of help to my poor people has determined me to take a decided step in that direction. My only regret is that I shall appear ungrateful, in thus leaving with so little ceremony, one who has been uniformly kind and considerate and had rendered each moment of service a benefaction as well as pleasure. From the daily contact with your great personality which it has been mine to enjoy, has been imbibed a respect for moral obligations and the claims of duty. Both of these draw me towards the path I have chosen.

– Jennings

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