An Artist Visits the White House Past

Paintings by Peter Waddell

A Favorable Day

The White House Stables on the Day of Grant’s Second Inauguration, 1873

Many presidential stables existed over the years, the last and grandest being the one built by Ulysses S. Grant. Finished in time for his second inaugural, the French-empire stable at 18th and E Streets housed Grant’s beloved war horses—Cincinnati, Egypt, and Jeff Davis—his sulky racer Butcher Boy, and carriage horses, all tended by his coachman Albert Hawkins. The stable was converted as a garage for automobiles before being torn down in 1911.


William Bushong, Historian at the White House Historical Association, on A Favorable Day

"An Artist Visits the White House Past" (if no audio, click here)

In Depth

Read William Seale’s catalog essay for A Favorable Day, and discover the historical resources used to create the painting.

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