Seymour Tall Case Clock

The case of this clock, a form frequently made in New England, is an important example of the superb craftsmanship of father and son cabinetmakers John and Thomas Seymour of Boston, circa 1795-1805. Made of mahogany with crotch birch and satinwood veneers, the 8'lO" case also features a double lunette inlay that was a sophisticated Seymour ornament. Although its dial is unmarked, the movement may have been made by James Doull of Charlestown, Massachusetts, whose name appears on clocks with similar Seymour cases.

Acquired in 1972, this clock has stood in the Oval Office since 1975 and is one of the most beautiful clocks in the White House collection.

Office of the Curator, The White House


Seymour Tall Case Clock

Gift of the White House Historical Association, 1972