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Dolley Madison

»  Dolley Madison

Rocky Mountain Landscape

»  Rocky Mountain Landscape

Angelica Singleton Van Buren

»  Angelica Singleton Van Buren

Avenue in the Rain

»  Avenue in the Rain

Abraham Lincoln

»  Abraham Lincoln

The Peacemakers

»  The Peacemakers

Sand Dunes at Sunset, Atlantic City

»  Sand Dunes at Sunset, Atlantic City

George Washington

»  George Washington

Lighter Relieving a Steamboat Aground

»  Lighter Relieving a Steamboat Aground

Thomas Jefferson

»  Thomas Jefferson


Adams' Tea or Coffee Urn

»  Adams' Tea or Coffee Urn

Monroe Armchair

»  Monroe Armchair

The East Room Chandelier

»  The East Room Chandelier

The Cabinet Room Conference Table

»  The Cabinet Room Conference Table

Hayes State Dinner Service

»  Hayes State Dinner Service

The Lincoln Bed

»  The Lincoln Bed

The "Resolute" Desk

»  The "Resolute" Desk

Monroe Plateau

»  Monroe Plateau

Steinway Grand Piano

»  Steinway Grand Piano

Seymour Tall Case Clock

»  Seymour Tall Case Clock