"Forged by Fire / Dolley Madison, the White House, and the War of 1812" Reservation Form

Field Trip Program

District of Columbia




3: 3.4; 3.4.2; 3.5

*meets many Historical and Social Sciences Analysis Skills

3: 5.A.2.a
4: 5.C.2.a
3-6: 6.A.3.a; 6.B.1.a-b; 6.F.1.a,c,d; 6.F.3.a; 6.G.1.a; 6.G.2.a

4-6: US.7a; VUS.6b,c; VS.1; USI.1

3-4: 2A
5-6: 1A

*meets many Historical Thinking Standards

MD standards represent the Maryland Voluntary State Curriculum; and VA represents the Virginia Standards of Learning. More detailed information on standards correlation is available once a program is requested; or you may request a detailed standards document by emailing: , subject line "Standards Request."