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Save Our History is a national history education and preservation initiative that raises awareness and support for preserving local heritage. The History Channel created Save Our History to support local history education and historic preservation efforts in communities across America. Museums, historical societies, archives, and preservation organizations partner with a local school or youth group. Each year, The History Channel awards $250,000 in grants. By the end of 2007, The History Channel will have given $1,000,000 toward this cause. This program would not be possible without the contributions made by Lowe’s Home Improvement and American Express. Both companies are committed to local communities and preservation and have been instrumental in making the Save Our History program possible. For more information on Save our History: www.saveourhistory.com

The White House Historical Association was awarded a $10,000 grant to create a website program and audio tour with a local high school. The project focuses on the history of first amendment activities in Lafayette Park. Ten seniors at School Without Walls, a Washington, D.C. public school, have researched and written the content for the website and the script of the audio tour. Students have also interviewed several experts and narrate the tour. Educators, web designers and audio producers have guided the students through the process.

Lafayette Park has been a symbol of free expression for more than a century, yet thousands pass through the park every day with little knowledge of these dramatic and consequential events. According to polls by the National Constitution Center, one quarter of Americans cannot name even one of the rights guaranteed by the first amendment. The partners seek to help rectify that shortcoming.

The audio tour can be enjoyed at home or school, or it can be downloaded onto an MP3 player for those who want to tour Lafayette Park while listening. The audio tour is produced by the leading firm in museum audio, Acoustiguide, Inc.

The White House Historical Association, established in 1961, is a nonprofit organization whose goal is to enhance the understanding, appreciation and enjoyment of the White House. All proceeds from the association’s trusts, publications and other items are used to fund acquisitions of historic furnishings and artwork for the permanent collection, assist in the preservation of the public rooms, and further its educational mission. School Without Walls is located several blocks from the White House at 21st and G Streets, N.W. The students have incorporated their research into senior thesis projects on local history.

Students: Dana Bell, Paloma Ellis, Charles Frantz, Marcus Hendriks, Mara McLaurin, Kristin Smith, Sonya Soloway, Bianca Starks, Rafael Suarez, Samantha Williams

Teacher: Laura O’Neill

Special Thanks:

Content experts: Stephen Hunter, James McDaniel, and Linda Monk
Audio producer: Katie Davis
Audio production: Acoustiguide, Inc.
Website design: InHeritage

citizen's soapbox > open page
one > introduction
two > suffragists
three > truman assassination attempt
four > civil rights
five > anti-war protests, 60s-70s
six > nuclear disarmament
seven > pro-life & pro-choice
eight > the cause continue
nine > conclusion
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about the project