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The young national capital at Washington, D.C. became the epicenter of The War of 1812 with Great Britain during the summer of 1814. The burning of the public buildings of Washington by the British was a humiliating defeat that struck at the symbolic heart of the country. Up from the ashes of that bitter blow, a resilient nation emerged stronger and more unified.

This project was conceived to provide an overview of the War of 1812, the burning of Washington in 1814, the flight and return of the Madisons during that crisis, and the war's aftermath on the city. The focus is on the president's house, but throughout the presentation there are links to resources with more information about the War of 1812, the Naval War and Chesapeake campaign, public buildings, and historic sites. The White House Historical Association would like to thank the National Park Service for its grant to help support this project. Discover this history.

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