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We are proud to provide our clients with a state-of-the-art and affordable audio-visual system to meet their basic event needs. To make the selection process easier, we have created the following packages:

Basic Meeting / Event Package - $600

Perfect package for a basic meeting with presentations or reception with light remarks. Package Includes:

  • Podium with attached microphone
  • (16)-speaker surround sound system with connections for laptop and mp3 player
  • (1) Blu-Ray DVD player
  • (2) DLP projectors
  • (2) 5 x 9 drop down screens
  • Wireless Internet access.

Premium Meeting / Event Package - $900

For meetings, lectures, or other events with multiple speakers or presenters. Package Includes:

  • Everything in the Basic Meeting/Event Package
  • (3) Wireless lavaliere microphones
  • (2) Wireless handheld microphones/stands
  • Basic Audio Package - $200
  • Perfect for cocktail receptions with light
  • announcements and background music from a mp3
  • player or laptop. Package Includes:
  • Wireless handheld microphone/stand
  • (16) speaker surround sound system with
  • connections for laptop and mp3 player

Premium Audio Package - $500

With this package, you will be able to make announcements, plug-in a laptop or mp3 player for light background music, speaking programs. Package Includes:

  • Everything in the Basic audio Package
  • (1) Blu-Ray DVD player
  • Podium with attached microphone
  • (2) Wireless lavaliere microphones
  • Wireless Internet access
  • Screen/Projector Package (No Audio) - $300
  • Project your logo images and/or slideshow with no audio. Package Includes:
  • (2) DLP projectors
  • (2) 5 x 9 drop down screens

A la Carte:

  • Lavaliere Microphones - $175 each
  • Wireless Microphone/Stand - $175 each
  • Podium with attached Microphone - $175 each

Add to any package:

  • Lavaliere Microphones - $75 each
  • Wireless Microphone/Stand - $60 each

If you are interested in the above packages or if the above packages do not suit your needs, please contact the Director of Special Events.

You may also make arrangements to provide your own audio-visual equipment and staff; however, please note that due to liability issues, we will not be able to provide outside vendors with access to the Decatur House Audio-Visual Equipment.


Please review the following policies, sign and date to signify your compliance with our AV rental policies.

The Audio-Visual Equipment provided by Decatur House is available only in the Carriage House.

Decatur House DOES NOT provide laptops, computers, Macintosh adapters, mp3 players, or discs as part of its AV Packages.

Clients are responsible for bringing in and ensuring the safety of these items.

Use of the Decatur House house system (speakers, mixers, switch port, etc) by anyone other than Decatur House Staff is NOT permitted. (Only authorized staff members are permitted to use or manipulate the equipment). Outside parties will not be authorized to patch into the house system under any circumstances.

Decatur House requires all clients to provide any AV presentation materials at least three (3) business days prior to the event for testing on our equipment.

Any damages made to the equipment as a result of unauthorized use of the system by the client will be taken from the security deposit or charged additionally.

Please note that our AV packages have been designed to meet your basic AV needs. As such, Decatur House reserves the right to decline any complex AV productions that are beyond our scope of expertise.