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This portrait of Abraham Lincoln, which hangs in the White House and is part of the White House Collection, was created by George Peter Alexander Healy in 1869, not long after Lincoln's assassination on April 15, 1865.

White House Collection/White House Historical Association
History Happy Hour: Getting Right with Lincoln

History Happy Hour is a weekly virtual program hosted by the White House Historical Association. Join us as experts weigh in on a variety of historical topics, share their insights, answer audience questions, and enjoy presidential-inspired libations.

Former Illinois United States Senator Everett Dirksen declared, "The first task of every politician is to get right with Lincoln.” What might that look like today? In this week's History Happy Hour, hosted by New York Times best-selling author and historian Ron White, let’s begin by acknowledging that Lincoln, a 19th century leader, can’t help us with climate change or what a president should do in Afghanistan. Yet today, we desperately need his spirit. Let’s talk together about some of Lincoln’s moral values that continue to inspire our democracy.

Kicking-off our History Happy Hour is Chef Sara Bradley runner-up of Season 16 Top Chef (Kentucky). Like Lincoln, Sara is a native Kentuckian. She will be mixing for us a Kentucky favorite, the mint julep.