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This photograph of Naval Commodore Stephen Decatur's portrait by John Vanderlyn was taken on January 12, 2012 by Bruce White for the White House Historical Association. Decatur distinguished himself for his heroism during the War of 1812, the First and Second Barbary Wars, and the Quasi War with France. He died in 1820, after being wounded in a duel.

White House Historical Association
Stephen Decatur Luncheon

Join us for an honorary program celebrating Stephen Decatur's birthday, including a fireside chat and Q&A with Captain Chris Cassidy and Ellen R. Stofan, panel remarks by two secretaries of the Navy, Honorables John H. Dalton and Carlos Del Toro, and invocations and benedictions by Reverends Canon Jan Naylor Cope and Robert W. Fisher.

Captain Chris Cassidy, a NASA astronaut, U.S. Navy SEAL, and CEO and President of the National Medal of Honor Museum will share his inspiring journey from the U.S. Naval Academy to becoming NASA’s 15th Chief Astronaut with anecdotes from his extensive experience. The discussion with Cassidy will be moderated by Stofan, Under Secretary for Science and Research at the Smithsonian Institution.

This event will be live streamed on the White House Historical Association's Facebook and YouTube pages starting at 11:45 am ET on January 5th.