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The second floor quarters occupied by President Abraham Lincoln and his family were used much as they had been during the 1850s. The Lincolns also had the added convenience of cold running water for washstands in their rooms. During this time the gas system was also expanded, and a new spring-bell system enabled Lincoln to signal the reception room and his secretaries without leaving his desk. With the remodeling of the office areas in 1866, Andrew Johnson installed the first telegraph room in the southeast corner room next to his office. As the decade drew to a close, an electric call- bell system was added to the mansion, connecting the State and second floor to the servants' hall, and additional stations were added to the old manual system which was activated by levers and cords.

E.C. Heasley, Jules A. Rodier and Maj. Montgomery in the telegraph room in the White House, set up to receive news of the Spanish-American War in 1898.

Library of Congress

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