Checklist & Rubric

Make sure your project has all the required parts!

Does my/our Storyboard have . . .

  • Film Title
  • Clear images made by hand, computer, or through another medium
  • Descriptions of what is happening in each scene
  • If used, descriptions of the type of audio playing in each scene (voice-over, on-camera narration, music, etc.)
  • An introduction that presents school and topic/presidential decision
  • References to primary and secondarysources in annotated bibliography
  • Appearances by student participant(s) and the Racing President
  • Organization showing a logical sequence of events
  • Pages that are numbered and in order

Does my/our Essay . . .

  • Clearly state which president and presidential decision was chosen
  • Explain why that decision is important or meaningful
  • Discuss why the president was able to make that decision (What Constitutional authority allowed him to make that decision?)
  • Describe how that decision affected many different people or groups in the United States or around the world
  • Include references to primary sources from annotated bibliography
  • Appear organized and easy to read
  • Contain between 500 and 1,000 words

Does my/our Annotated Bibliography have . . .

  • At least 5 primary sources
  • A variety of types of primary sources (newspapers, letters, maps, photos, cartoons, etc.)
  • At least 2 secondary sources
  • A description of why those sources were selected and an explanation of how they were used in the storyboard and essay

Overall, my/our Project . . .

  • Has all required parts
  • Contains accurate spelling, grammar, and punctuation
  • Looks neat and organized


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