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Florence Kling Harding

This portrait of First Lady Florence Kling Harding was painted by famed Hungarian portraitist Fülöp László (sometimes referred to as Philip Alexius de Laszló) in 1921, when the artist visited Washington, D.C. to paint portraits of notable statesmen. President Warren G. Harding was sitting for László when Mrs. Harding joined them, and László made a quick sketch of her that he later turned into this portrait. Mrs. Harding was so fond of the portrait that she had prints made and distributed to the White House staff. Warren Harding was president from March 4, 1921 until his death on August 2, 1923. Mrs. Harding had studied music when she was younger, and contributed greatly to her husband's career both in the newspaper business and in politics.
Fülöp László
Date of Work
oil paint
White House Collection/White House Historical Association