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Tim Bailey is the Director of Curriculum Development and Instructional Design for The Gilder Lehrman Institute of American History. He

is the developer of the Hamilton Education Program, the Teaching Literacy through History program, and the Teaching Civics through History program. Previous to this he was a U.S. History teacher at Northwest Middle School and Escalante Elementary School in

Salt Lake City, Utah and in his 20+ years in the classroom, has taught at all levels from elementary to college, almost exclusively working with low income second language populations. He authored the Easy Simulations book series for Scholastic publications and has contributed to a number of books and articles concerning history and literacy education. He has been interviewed on education topics by Tom Brokaw and Brian Williams among others and has been quoted in numerous national and local publications. Among his distinctions are University of Utah Classroom Teacher of the Year (2010), National History Teacher of the Year (2009), Fulbright Memorial Award (2003), Scholastic Publishing Fellow (2002), and Utah State Teacher of the Year (2002).

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