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Courtesy of Diane Zorich

Diane Zorich serves as Director of the Smithsonian’s Digitization Program Office (DPO), she leads an expert team in digitizing Smithsonian collections to maximize their impact for the public. She oversees mass digitization, 3D digitization, and digitization assessment activities that develop and improve digitization processes across the Institution. Through partnerships and collaborations, she and her team ensure that digitized Smithsonian collections can be used with existing and emerging technologies to enable creativity, learning, insight, and innovation.

Prior to joining the Smithsonian, Diane worked as a cultural heritage consultant specializing in planning and managing the delivery of cultural information. She also served as data manager at the Association of Systematics Collections in Washington, D.C., and documentation manager at the Peabody Museum of Archaeology and Ethnology at Harvard University. She is past president and Board member of the Museum Computer Network, and has lectured and published extensively on digitization, information policy, and intellectual property policy in the cultural heritage sector.

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