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Jun 26, 2013 Washington, D.C.

A newly published children’s book, Fingerprints on the Table: The Story of the White House Treaty Table by Connie Remlinger Trounstine, illustrated by Kerry P. Talbott , with an opening photograph by Bruce White, tells the story about the Treaty Table, a real object that remains in the White House collection today.

Through moving illustrations, the story of the Table is told from its construction in 1869 to its use at the White House by Presidents Ulysses S. Grant to Barack Obama as a Cabinet Room Table, as setting for the signing of important peace treaties, and as a presidential workspace. The author speculates on whether the presidents’ children may have also left their fingerprints on this historic object over the years. The book gives readers a unique perspective of how presidents, their children and others might have lived in the White House with this unique table.

Author Connie Remlinger Troustine was a reporter for 29 years at the Kentucky Post, a Scripps Howard newspaper. Her interest in the White House Treaty Table began in 1998 when she read in an Associated Press article that: “There were cheers and shouts and handshakes in the East Room as the leaders signed the agreement on a walnut conference table used for historic occasions, beginning with the signing of the peace accord ending the Spanish-American War” in 1898.

This account led her to wonder what stories such an eyewitness to our country’s history might tell. Her research led her to the Office of the Curator at the White House and to the education department at the White House Historical Association, where she found the resources to write in detail about the Table’s design and the historic events for which it has been used.

Illustrator Kerry P. Talbott is an award-winning illustrator who has worked for various Media General newspapers for 20 years, most notably for the Richmond News Leader and Richmond Times-Dispatch.

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The White House Historical Association, established in 1961, is a nonprofit organization whose goal is to enhance the understanding, appreciation and enjoyment of the White House. All proceeds from the association’s trusts, publications and other items are used to fund acquisitions of historic furnishings and artwork for the permanent collection, to assist in the preservation of public rooms, and further its educational mission.

This book was published through the generous assistance of the Hon. Walter H Annenberg White House Publication Fund.