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Jul 29, 2022 Washington, D.C.

The White House Historical Association has released the latest episode of its podcast, The White House 1600 Sessions: Jackie Kennedy’s White House Guidebook 60th Anniversary, which revisits the history of how the popular publication came to be and marks the release of a special edition on July 28, 2022. The White House: An Historic Guide was first published in 1962 as a collaboration between First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy, the White House Historical Association, and the National Geographic Society. Prior to its creation, there had never been a guide that offered a room-by-room tour that visitors could purchase at the White House much like they would on a trip to a museum like the National Gallery of Art.

In this episode, Stewart McLaurin, president of the White House Historical Association, speaks with Renee Braden, senior director of library and archives at the National Geographic Society. Braden shares an oral history recorded with Bob Breeden, who was instrumental in the creation of the first White House guidebook. We also hear a fond remembrance from the Hon. Condoleezza Rice about a family trip she made to the White House.

As the former U.S. Secretary of State recalls: “I just remember being completely taken with the beauty of the White House. And remember, John F. Kennedy and Jacqueline Kennedy, Camelot. It was a time when Americans thought of the White House as incredibly magical, and I think my parents and I were the same way.”

Watch the full video of this podcast episode here.

"Mrs. Kennedy knew exactly what she wanted the White House guidebook to be. The impact of this particular project was really big at the National Geographic," Braden explains.

“We are proud to mark this milestone with a special edition that honors the legacy of Mrs. Kennedy and the innovative creators,” says McLaurin. “They have made something that has endured the test of time for 60 years.”

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More than 5 million copies of the guidebook have been sold since the first edition was published on July 4, 1962. Proceeds from these sales go towards the Association’s mission of preservation and education. With the release of the 26th edition on July 28, 2022, The White House: An Historic Guide, celebrates 60 years in print, and with it, the White House Historical Association celebrates its 60th year in publishing.

To order a copy of The White House: An Historic Guide - 26th Edition visit the WHHA online shop.

The 1600 Sessions is available on Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Spotify, and Stitcher.

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The White House 1600 Sessions

White House Historical Association President Stewart McLaurin is the host of “The White House 1600 Sessions,” the Association’s official audio and video podcast devoted to exploring the history, cultural impact, untold stories, and personal accounts of America’s most iconic residence and highest office.

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First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy envisioned a restored White House that conveyed a sense of history through its decorative and fine arts. She sought to inspire Americans, especially children, to explore and engage with American history and its presidents. In 1961, the nonprofit, nonpartisan White House Historical Association was established to support her vision to preserve and share the Executive Mansion’s legacy for generations to come. Supported entirely by private resources, the Association’s mission is to assist in the preservation of the state and public rooms, fund acquisitions for the White House permanent collection, and educate the public on the history of the White House. Since its founding, the Association has given more than $50 million to the White House in fulfillment of its mission.

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