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Aug 06, 2018 Washington, D.C.

The White House Historical Association is pleased to offer the 38th annual Official White House Christmas Ornament, this year honoring President Harry S. Truman. This addition to the collection is double-sided and designed to illustrate three significant changes made by President Truman to the White House during his administration:

  • Addition of the Truman Balcony
  • Renovation of the Blue Room
  • Change to the Presidential Seal

During his administration, President Truman completed the most extensive work on the White House since it was first built and then reconstructed following the War of 1812. The Truman Balcony, added in 1947-48 to the South Portico, gave the first family outdoor access from their upstairs living quarters and a panoramic view of the city.

The other side of the Official 2018 White House Ornament features the renovated Blue Room, which was dismantled and rebuilt during the renovation of 1948-52, along with all other rooms of the house.

The Presidential Seal featured at the top of the ornament reflects the design as changed by Truman. Originally the American eagle looked toward its left talons, which hold a cluster of spears, weapons of war. Truman, in the autumn after he took office, had the seal redesigned, turning the eagle’s head away from the spears to its right talons, which hold the olive branches of peace.

Each year the Association releases the Official White House Ornament honoring a president (in sequential order) or significant White House event. Each ornament comes with an educational booklet that includes information about the president or event featured.

The Official 2018 White House Ornament is made in the United States of non-tarnishing 24k gold-plated brass and metal with gold plating. Price: $22.95.

For more information about the Official 2018 White House Christmas Ornament other gift items, or to make a purchase, please visit, the White House History Shop at 1610 H Street NW, Washington D.C. 20006 or the White House Visitor Center at 1450 Pennsylvania Ave, NW, Washington, D.C. 20006.

For media inquiries, please contact or Jessica Fredericks, Communications Director at

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First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy envisioned a restored White House that conveyed a sense of history through its decorative and fine arts. She sought to inspire Americans, especially children, to explore and engage with American history and its presidents. In 1961, the White House Historical Association was established to support her vision to preserve and share the Executive Mansion’s legacy for generations to come. Supported entirely by private resources, the Association’s mission is to assist in the preservation of the state and public rooms, fund acquisitions for the White House permanent collection, and educate the public on the history of the White House. Since its founding, the Association has given more than $50 million to the White House in fulfillment of its mission.

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