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Issue 55 • Fall 2019

The Presidents and Sports

Highlights will include: two features on Teddy Roosevelt, who not only saved football from banishment but also regularly practiced the defense art of Jiu Jitsu; articles on the history of the Presidents and baseball, the tradition of champion sports teams visits to the White House, President Herbert Hoover’s creation of the still popular “Hoover Ball,” and the Grant billiard room. Photographer Al Freni will share his memoirs of capturing Eisenhower fishing and golfing with his grandson, and the history of George Washington’s stable serves as this issue’s presidential site feature.

Issue 56 • Winter 2020

Decorative Arts at the White House

In this issue we will highlight the history of White House furnishings with articles on the A.H. Davenport designs of 1902, the recently restored Monroe-era Bellangé suite of furniture in the Blue Room, the historic wallpapers in the Diplomatic Reception Room and once in the President’s Dining Room, and a “crazy quilt” that reveals the history of the Blue, Red, and Green room colors. Former White House curator Betty Monkman provides profiles of the seven people who have held the title of White House Curator, and Stewart “Calvin” Stevens shares of memories of caring for the chandeliers under seven presidents.

Issue 57 • Spring 2020

Protecting the President

This issue will focus on the evolution of presidential security, beginning with the circumstances of nineteenth-century assassinations that brought to light the need for protection and eventually the creation of the Secret Service that we know today.

Issue 58 • Summer 2020

Photographing the White House

Perhaps the most widely recognized landmark in the world, the White House has been the subject of both amateur and professional photography since the 1840s. This issue of White House History Quarterly explores some of the earliest known photographs of the White House and features articles on amateur photographers Walter J. Hussey and Jeffrey Parsons, as well as staff photographers of the last fifty years. Susan Ford Bales shares her memories of photographing her father, President Gerald Ford, during his administration. Ten photos selected from submissions by the general public will also be featured. Our Presidential Sites Quarterly Feature will showcase Disney Parks as a Presidential destination.

Issue 59 • Fall 2020

Celebrating Holidays at the White House

“Celebrating the Holidays at the White House” will feature articles on the history of Hanukkah observance at the White House, the process of choosing artwork for presidential Christmas cards, White House Christmas trees, and the history of holiday decorations in the East and West Wings. A story of New Year’s Day receptions will be covered, as well as an article on First Family holiday traditions.

Issue 60 • Winter 2021

60 Years of the White House Historical Association

Issue 61 • Spring 2021

Science and Innovation at the White House

Issue 62 • Summer 2021

Remembering September 11, 2001

Issue 63 • Fall 2021

Memoirs and Primary Documents

Other topics in progress:

Gardening at the White House

The Presidents Abroad

Great Moments

White House Mysteries: Solved and Unsolved

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