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Issue 59 • Fall 2020

Celebrating Holidays at the White House

“Celebrating the Holidays at the White House” will feature articles on the history of Hanukkah observance at the White House, the process of choosing artwork for presidential Christmas cards, White House Christmas trees, and the history of holiday decorations in the East and West Wings. A story of New Year’s Day receptions will be covered, as well as an article on First Family holiday traditions.

Issue 60 • Winter 2021

60 Years of the White House Historical Association

The sixtieth issue of White House History Quarterly marks the sixtieth anniversary of the founding of the White House Historical Association with articles on the establishment of the Association and the debut of the first White House guidebook. Acquisitions made for the White House collection over the years will be highlighted along with First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy’s project to renovate the State Rooms.

Issue 61 • Spring 2021

Science and Innovation at the White House

The White House has been home to the president for over 200 years and throughout those years the presidents have add innovative updates to make the house more livable. Issue sixty-one will cover an early innovation, running water in the White House, and more modern innovations, including television, the taping system, and the MOLINK hotline. Space exploration and the influence of technology on the White House will be covered, as well as the Situation Room.

Issue 62 • Summer 2021

Remembering September 11, 2001

Issue 63 • Fall 2021

Memoirs and Primary Documents

Issue 64 • Winter 2022

Children's Literature, Fine Arts, and More

Issue 65 • Spring 2022

White House Gardens and Grounds

Issue 66 • Summer 2022

Late 20th and Early 21st Century Fashion at the White House

Other topics in progress:

The White House and the Sea

Military Roles in the White House

The White House and World War II

Pets and Working Animals at the White House

The White House in Television

The White House and the South

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