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  • "Thank you for the most wonderful historical information regarding the White House. I just love reading each issue from cover to cover. Wonderful, beautiful, informative, lovely" -A reader in Charlotte, NC
  • "There is nothing about this magazine that doesn't please the photos and drawings are delightful, and the articles are so interesting, especially the little secret snippets that most of us would never know otherwise. Even the quality of the paper is fantastic!" -A reader in Naples, Florida
  • "I love your magazines. They are so informative and full of details of behind-the-scenes history, it's great! Thanks for the good work." -A reader in Port Jefferson Station, New York
  • "The recipients [of my gift subscriptions] were so excited and called me with big WOWS, WOWS, and more WOWS. I love the publication and will be sending several more gift subscriptions!" -A reader in Annandale, Virginia
  • "The articles are wonderful . . . beyond history." -A reader in Augusta, Georgia
  • "Many thanks for the beautiful issues of your magazine. I loved seeing and reading it. The production values are first rate: size, beautiful layouts, fabulous photographs, readily accessible but covering new ground. An appealing thematic publication. The photographs won me over." -A librarian
  • "A subscription to White House History makes a very unique gift!" -A reader in Alexandria, Virginia
  • "I don't want to miss any issues! A great magazine . . ." -A reader in Saint Paul, Minnesota
  • "As Jacqueline Kennedy said, 'Reading can take you places you never dreamed of.' How wonderful. I so enjoy reading your work and look forward to more and more." -A reader in Mogadore, Ohio
  • "I have read White House History Issue 26: 'At Work in the White House.' The material is rich, the design is beautiful . . . I don't know another magazine like it! Good articles that would not offend a stickler yet can be enjoyed by us common folk." -A reader in Washington, D.C.
  • "Thank you and keep up the wonderful work. I really enjoy the journal!" -A reader in Glennville, Georgia
  • "Congratulations on a truly beautiful and historic issue [on Lincoln's White House]." -A reader in Warrenton, Virginia
  • "Your issue on flowers is fabulous. I don't know when you are going to be able to top that . . . " -A reader in Edgartown, Massachusetts
  • "I wish to thank you for the lovely copy of White House History. I remember when the work was being done and the Trumans were living in Blair House. It is a most interesting presentation of the restoration." -A reader in Bradenton, Florida
  • "I vastly enjoyed the last issue of White House History on presidential retreats and shared it with my father and brother in Missouri who also enjoyed it. White House History has become my favorite periodical." -A reader in Cincinnati, Ohio
  • "The Adams issue is out and it is all quite wonderful. I do want to thank you profusely for introducing me to history." -A reader in Brookline, Massachusetts
  • "Please accept my thanks and my compliments for a very handsome and informative issue." -A reader in Charlottesville, Virginia
  • "Your association has a truly outstanding publication and we are delighted that you have chosen to devote an issue to President Buchanan." -A reader in Lancaster, Pennsylvania

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