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  • Foreword, William Seale
  • The President and Washington During the War with Mexico, William Seale
  • Comfort in My Retirement: Polk Place,Tom Price
  • Portrait of Spanish Conquistador Hernán Cortés: A Gift to the First Lady, John Holtzapple
  • Introduction to The Washington Diary of Elizabeth L.C. Dixon During the Polk Administration, Caroline Welling Van Deusen
  • Journal Written During a Residence in Washington during the 29th Congress. Commencing with the first of December 1845. Elizabeth L. C. Dixon
  • Portrait Gallery: Elizabeth Dixon's Washington Neighbors, 1846-1848, Fiona Griffin, Beatrix Hutton, Julia Riesenberg
  • Uriah Levy's Gift to the Nation: A Statue of Thomas Jefferson by Pierre-Jean David d'Angers, Lydia Tederick

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