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  • Foreword, William Seale
  • The First Ladies as Scene Builders: An Artist’s Gallery of Changes at the White House, Lauren McGwin, illustrated by Peter Waddell
  • Creating a Room of its Own: The Evolution of the White House China Room, Melissa Naulin
  • An Artist’s Drawings for a New White House Piano: Dunbar Beck and the Art of the Nation’s Second Steinway, William Allman
  • Pat Nixon and her Influence on the White House Collection, Katheryn Beasley
  • Marine One Past & Future: A Turning Point in Presidential Transportation, Charles Denyer
  • Florence Harding Welcomes Philippine Women to the White House: Suffragist Leaders Identified in White House Photograph, Theresa Carandang and Erwin Tiongson
  • A Presidential Site Becomes Home to the Suffrage Movement: The National Woman’s Party on Lafayette Square, William Seale
  • Remembering President George H.W. Bush, 1924-2018: “The Vishnu”, Christopher Buckley
  • Reflections: Harmony Between Old & New, Stewart D. McLaurin

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