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2017 White House Christmas Ornament Front
2017 White House Christmas Ornament Back

The Official 2017 White House Christmas Ornament

The 2017 annual White House Christmas Ornament honors President Franklin D. Roosevelt and his remarkable journey to restore the faith of the American people.

Historic First Inauguration

In the midst of a Great Depression, the United States elected Franklin D. Roosevelt to lead the country. With his Inaugural Address, he assured America “This great Nation will endure as it has endured...”

Speaking with America

While the term “Fireside Chat” was coined by a CBS station manager, Roosevelt kept the name, as it conveyed his conversational style and the personal connection he made with the country during these popular addresses.

Roosevelt’s Faithful Fala

Arriving at the White House in 1940, Scottish Terrier Fala quickly became President Roosevelt’s constant companion, traveling with the president and even accompanying him to secret meetings. Fala became such a fixture by Roosevelt’s side that the little Scottie quickly gained his own following and often received letters from the public.

An Historic Legacy

The only president to serve four consecutive terms, Roosevelt’s twelve years in office saw the end of the Great Depression and the major conflict of World War II. His series of domestic recovery programs known as the New Deal helped the hard-hit economy make a slow but effective climb toward recovery.