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White House History Live

White House History Live

Join us in learning more about White House History right from your own home. Our Facebook Live series, White House History Live, delves into the stories that make up the history of the Executive Mansion.

Lady Bird Johnson

A History of the Secret Service

Women, Slavery, & Shifting Identities in Washington, D.C.

The Private World of the Presidential Retreat

Jimmy Carter and the White House

A History of Race and Democracy in the Nation's Capital

The Life and Legacy of Ulysses S. Grant

George Washington's Political Education

Women Artists in the Executive Mansion

A Conversation with Our Research Fellows

The History of Inaugural Invitations

“Every Eye is Upon Me”

A family's lineage

American Diplomatic History

Monticello on the Potomac

Parades, Protests, and the Women’s Suffrage Movement

A History of Activism in Lafayette Square

A Discussion with Author Andrew Cohen

Slavery at the White House

Book Launch