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Forged by Fire: Dolley Madison, the White House, and the War of 1812

Have history come alive for students by facilitating a theatrical performance based on events from the War of 1812 with Forged By Fire: Dolley Madison, The White House, and the War of 1812. This play was created by the White House Historical Association’s educators using primary source research and geared towards 4-6 grade students. These student plays were previously performed during fi


The White House Social Secretary: Job Description and Work Culture

What are the responsibilities of the social secretary? The social secretary works with the first lady in the overall planning, arrangement, coordination and direction of all official and personal social events given by the president and his family. This includes the form and wording of invitations, the compiling of guest lists, the setting of menus, the seating, the choice of


The White House Social Secretary

The White House Historical Association began an oral history project in 2010 under the guidance of Maria Downs, the Association’s public affairs director and the White House Social Secretary during the Gerald Ford administration. Ms. Downs recognized that important insights into White House history were slipping away with the passing of social secretaries. They rarely wrote or spoke of their ex