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Q: I have just purchased a subscription to White House History Quarterly. When will I begin receiving my copies?

A: The journal will be mailed four times each year, approximately once per season.

Q: How will my subscription be mailed?

A: WHHA is a small, nonprofit publisher and in order to keep your subscription price as low as possible, we use the most economical United States Postal Service rates. It is not unusual for delivery to take up to ten days. From time to time it may take longer. Once your journal is in the USPS system we are unable to track it or provide you with an exact delivery date. If a month or more has passed since the release date, we suggest you confirm that we have your correct address in our system and if so, follow up with an inquiry to your local post office. If it is clear that your issue has been lost in the mail you may request a replacement by contacting us at

Q: My copy arrived damaged. May I request a replacement?

A: White House History Quarterly issues are mailed to subscribers sealed in a protective polybag that meets United States Postal Service requirements. We are unable to custom package your issue in another type of wrapper.

Please note that we cannot guarantee that each issue will arrive in mint condition. Bent corners are often a normal result of the shipping process. If your copy is significantly damaged or arrives with loose or torn pages or evidence of a defect in production, we will replace the copy. Please contact White House History Quarterly immediately at to request a replacement copy. We maintain a limited supply of issues for replacement and request that claims be made within eight weeks of the initial mailing.

Q: My permanent address has changed. Who should I contact to make sure my address is up-to-date in your system?

A: To update your permanent mailing address, write to us at

Q: Can my subscription be sent to a winter address and to a summer address?

A: We are not able to change your mailing address on a seasonal basis. Only one mailing address may be specified for each subscription. If your address changes seasonally we suggest you order single issues upon their release or consider purchasing two subscriptions. You may contact us at to inquire as to which address we have in our system.

Q: I have purchased a gift subscription for a friend/family member. Will you notify the recipient of my gift?

A: Yes. Upon receipt of payment, we will mail a card to your recipient with information on the gift subscription.

Please note that because we process a large quantity of gifts during the Christmas holiday season, we ask that you order gift subscriptions as early as possible in order to ensure that your gift recipient will receive his/her card before the holiday. We cannot guarantee that cards mailed after December 1 will reach recipients before the holiday, but we do continue to mail cards after that date.

We use an automated system to mail gifts and are unable to handle requests for special gift presentations or packaging. Gift cards and journals are mailed directly to the gift recipient.

Q: How can I purchase back issues of White House History Quarterly?

A: Some of the most recent back issues are available for individual purchase. Issues 1 through 30 are available as reprints bound within five separate collection sets. Click here for more information and to make a purchase.

Q: How do I know when it's time to renew my subscription?

A: When it is time to renew, we will send you a notice in the mail. If you'd like to know when your subscription expires, please contact us at

If you have additional questions, please contact us. Email us at, or write to: White House History Quarterly, White House Historical Association, P.O. Box 27624, Washington, D.C. 20038-762

Q: Does my $50 donation to the White House Historical Association through the membership program include a subscription to White House History Quarterly?

No, memberships to our organization do not include journal subscriptions. Subscriptions can be purchased here.

Q: How can I cancel my subscription?

You may contact us at to cancel your subscription. White House History Quarterly provides no refunds. All sales are final.