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How do I know which category I fall under?

Non-profits are defined as 501(c)(3) organizations.

The educational/commercial category is reserved for-profit organizations whose main purpose is to create and distribute free or paid educational resources such as textbooks, children’s books, and curriculum resources.

The commercial category is for for-profit organizations that do not have an educational focus, even when the images are being licensed for an educational resource.

What are the terms and conditions for use of the images and Digital Library?

Here are links to our rights and reproductions page and terms of use for the website. All use of the materials, the program, and the Digital Library are subject to these rules.

How will I be charged for the subscription?

After filling out the form, you will receive an invoice from FreshBooks which will be payable by credit card, PayPal, or bank transfer. If you require an alternate method of payment, please contact us. Your benefits start on the day we receive payment for the subscription.

Is the subscription fee refundable? Does it auto-renew?

The annual subscription fee is non-refundable. However, in extraordinary circumstances and at the sole discretion of the WHHA, we may provide a prorated refund from the 1st of the month after cancellation. You will continue to receive subscription benefits through the end of the month. The subscription does not auto-renew, but you will receive a reminder email one month before your subscription expires.

Can other people in my organization have access to these benefits?

Yes! However, when placing an order, they must reference your subscriber ID and use the Digital Library account the subscription is associated with so we can track image use and spending. They will only have access to any remaining complimentary image files, discounted licensing fees, overall discount/spending discounts, and priority service.

How do I order images from the Digital Library? What kind of turn-around can we expect?

Please see this pdf (Requesting Image Files) and visit our rights and reproductions guidelines for information on ordering images through the Digital Library. Subscribers will receive priority service. However, this is on a first come-served basis, and there may be rush fees for projects that need a rapid turnaround time.

What is your standard image file size? I need a larger version of the complimentary image files, is there an option to prorate the fee?

Our standard image file is a 3000-pixel tiff or jpeg. Yes, for organizations requiring larger or full-size complimentary images, $25 will be deducted from the price of each image file.

Can you split up the invoices?

Yes, we can split up the invoices to create a payment schedule or provide separate invoices for the image files and licensing fees that need to be separated. However, the separated invoices will fall under one order and not be eligible for discounts even if the payment bumps you into the next tier. However, new orders will be eligible for the higher discount even it is for the same project.

I need the images for placement purposes. Are they eligible for the subscription program?

Yes! Image file purchases will count towards your total spend. However, they may be subject to a comping agreement.

Will you offer individual subscriptions and multi-year subscriptions?

Not now, but it is something we are considering.