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History Happy Hour: Grover Cleveland - Man of Iron

Grover Cleveland was the only U.S. President to serve two nonconsecutive terms, the first from 1885 to 1889, and the second from 1893 to 1897. This Presidential rarity is not Cleveland’s only unique trait; in the four decades between the Administrations of Presidents Ulysses S. Grant and William Howard Taft, Cleveland was the only Democratic President. He was also an unusually candid politician, and his distinct stubbornness added to his political appeal. For more on President Grover Cleveland’s fascinating and contradictory life, join us for our virtual History Happy Hour program on Thursday, March 30 at 6:00 pm to hear author Troy Senik discuss his newly published book, A Man of Iron: The Turbulent Life and Improbable Presidency of Grover Cleveland. We hope to see you there!

History Happy Hour is a biweekly virtual program hosted by the White House Historical Association. Join us as experts weigh in on a variety of historical topics, share their insights, answer audience questions, and enjoy presidential-inspired libations.

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