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This photograph of First Lady Pat Nixon was taken on February 22, 1972, during President Richard M. Nixon's historic visit to the People's Republic of China. Mrs. Nixon is captured speaking to American reporter Barbara Walters outside the Peking Hotel. President Nixon's trip was the first time an American president had taken part in a State Visit to China.

Richard Nixon Presidential Library and Museum/NARA
White House History with Frank Sesno: Women and Journalism in the White House
White House Historical Association 1610 H Street NW Washington DC 20006 U.S.A.

The White House Historical Association's 2023 Quarterly Lecture Series, White House History with Frank Sesno will feature four lectures dealing with various topics about the rich history of the Executive Mansion.

The White House Historical Association’s second lecture of the series will take place on March 30, 2023 and will cover the “women and journalism in the White House.”

The speakers for the event include Susan Page, USA Today Washington Bureau Chief, Monica Alba, NBC News White House Correspondent, and Dr. Teri Finneman, Associate Professor at the University of Kansas. The speakers will discuss the important role that women have played in the media coverage of the White House and presidencies.