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White House Historical Association

“Thank you for all of the good work you do on behalf of the White House Historical Association.”

-First Lady Nancy Reagan, 9/22/15

“Over the years, Barack and I have been so pleased with the Historical Association’s efforts to make the White House more accessible to people all across our country. Your work mirrors our commitment to ensuring this extraordinary place always opens its doors as “The People’s House”"

-First Lady Michelle Obama, 4/8/16

“I remain deeply grateful for all the great work you do to preserve and share the wonderful history of the White House with the American people.”

-Secretary Hillary Rodham Clinton, 11/8/17

“We are both grateful for all that you do to preserve the White House’s rich history, and send our very best wishes.”

-President Bill Clinton, 1/3/18

“Thank you especially for your work with us at the Bush Center. We are grateful for our association with you!”

-First Lady Laura Bush, 3/1/18

“You did a fine job on stage. Along with our guests, I enjoyed hearing about your personal stories and experiences from Camp David.”

-President George W. Bush, 3/11/19

“The conservation work you and your team at the White House Historical Association do is a true service to the country. With your efforts, the history of this great Nation’s executive mansion is preserved for all future generations.”

-President Donald J. Trump, 6/25/19

"Jill and I look forward to the many opportunities we will have to work with you and your colleagues at the White House Historical Association to support the people's house."

-President Joe Biden, 4/14/21