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Anita McBride is an internationally recognized expert on first ladies and the operations of the White House. She directs the Legacies of America's First Ladies Initiative at American University where she serves as Executive in Residence in the Center for Congressional and Presidential Studies in the School of Public Affairs. Her White House experience spans three decades and four Administrations including as Assistant to President George W. Bush Chief of Staff to First Lady Laura Bush. She is the co-author of two books on the evolving role of the first lady and its historical influence on the American presidency, including the first of its kind textbook filling a long overdue gap in academic literature on the study of first ladies, their legacies on our politics, policy and diplomacy. She is a frequent speaker and media commentator on White House history, its occupants, and presidential transitions. She is actively engaged in philanthropic efforts and organizations nationally and globally supporting women's leadership, the arts, cultural heritage and historic preservation, and civic education.