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Hamilton Davison is the President of ChemArt Company, a Manufacturer of Custom Designs primarily focused on serving Philanthropic and NonProfit Entities. The U.S. based company is located in Lincoln, Rhode Island and was founded in 1976. Prior to ChemArt, Hamilton Davison was the President & Executive Director of the American Catalog Mailers Association (ACMA) since its founding in April 2007. Prior to this, he consulted for an educational services start-up, created a specialty card and gift retail chain and grew it to more than 150 stores, was CEO of the oldest and third-largest greeting card publisher and manufacturer, and started an oil and gas exploration business. Mr. Davison's involvement in postal affairs started in 1992 with his service on the Greeting Card Association's postal affairs committee. He became chair and directed the litigation and witness team charged with protecting the GCA subclass against virtually every other mailer, helping bring his association from its nadir (losing a rate case appeal at the Supreme Court) to an established force in postal policy that was routinely consulted on all important postal policy issues. He championed and sold the Forever Stamp to many including proposing it to the Chairman of the Board of Governors.