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Cosmetics entrepreneur, medical research trailblazer, and Women’s Hall of Fame inductee Victoria Jackson founded the global powerhouse brand Victoria Jackson Cosmetics. With her creation of the “No Makeup” makeup aesthetic, she irrevocably altered the beauty landscape and became the first to market a cosmetics line on television. During her decade-long run on QVC, she developed more than 600 products and generated a billion in revenues. Then in 2008 when her young daughter was diagnosed with a rare autoimmune disorder and given four years to live, the mother of three shifted her focus from mascara to medicine. She and her husband, Bill Guthy—founder of the marketing behemoth Guthy-Renker—established The Guthy-Jackson Charitable Foundation to fund research on NMO treatments and a potential cure. Victoria’s unrelenting determination proved effective: In 2016, the foundation developed the first-ever NMO therapeutic, and soon after, three therapies received FDA approval. The unprecedented pace of that accomplishment prompted the American Academy of Neurology to declare 2019 “The Year of NMO.” In recognition of Victoria’s unswerving dedication to the NMO community, as well as her foundation’s groundbreaking research, feminist icon Gloria Steinem inducted her into the National Women's Hall of Fame in 2016. The following year at the Vatican, Victoria accepted the Pontifical Key Advocacy Award for her personal and visionary approach to advancing the understanding of NMO worldwide. She has authored four books, including The Power of Rare: A Blueprint for a Medical Revolution. In addition to her philanthropic and entrepreneurial pursuits, Victoria is a longtime connoisseur of the arts with a passion for architecture and interior design.