In-School Program

Teachers: Bring White House History to your classroom!

History is all about stories and documentaries have the power to tell these stories to a broader audience by creating powerful narratives and bringing primary sources to life. During this standards-based classroom program, students will:

  1. Learn helpful methods for analyzing primary sources
  2. Examine primary sources related to White House history topics
  3. Receive valuable tips for putting together the project’s required annotated bibliography
  4. Practice film language to take their storyboards to the next level
  5. Create a sample storyboard based on primary sources related to White House history topics
  6. Have the opportunity to ask White House Historical Association (WHHA) staff questions about the Presidential History Challenge

This program can be reserved as a classroom visit or hosted as an after-school session.

This in-school program is free and open to all high school teachers in the D.C. metropolitan area who are interested in having their students participate in White House at Bat: A Presidential History Challenge.

The program lasts approximately 45 to 60 minutes. WHHA educators can visit your school over multiple days to accommodate all students.

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