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A Presidential History Challenge White House At Bat!

White House at Bat was presented as part of a multi-year partnership between the White House Historical Association and the Washington Nationals. The Challenge asked students to create a storyboard for a 50-second video that examined an important decision made by one of the Racing Presidents during their time in the White House.
The winning videos from 2016 and 2017 are archived here, as well as resources that examine the presidents and their legacies.

White House at Bat: A Presidential History Challenge

The United States Constitution provides the president of the United States with significant responsibilities and authorities and the American people elect the chief executive that they believe will make the best decisions on their behalf. As Harry Truman famously declared – the buck stops at the president’s desk.

For years, the Washington Nationals’ famed Racing Presidents have charmed fans at Nationals Park and throughout the Washington, D.C. community. More than mascots, they remind us of the important presence of the president not only in the nation’s capital, but also throughout America’s storied past.

The White House Historical Association and its partner the Washington Nationals were proud to present a program for high school students in the D.C. metropolitan area. In 2016 and 2017, five winning entries were shared with the audience during a Washington Nationals baseball game at Nationals Park and showcased online. The winners were also invited to an award reception at the David M. Rubenstein National Center for White House History on Lafayette Square, together with their families, teachers, and school principals.

White House At Bat: Racing Presidents Activity Packets

The White House Historical Association + Washington Nationals

Since 1961, the non-profit, non-partisan White House Historical Association has reached millions with its publications, website, media productions and lecture programs. Each year, the Association serves thousands of students in the Washington metropolitan area.

The Washington Nationals are committed to enhancing the quality of life for citizens in the Washington, D.C. region. Their primary focus is on initiatives that honor military families, encourage youth participation in baseball and softball, and support K-12 education.