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The 1969 "American Flower Tree" stood in the North Entrance. For its decoration, First Lady Patricia Nixon arranged for disabled workers in Florida to make velvet and satin balls featuring each state's flower. For the 1970 Blue Room tree, she added 53 "Monroe" fans made by disabled workers in New York. Gold foil angels joined the trimmings in 1971. Mrs. Nixon took her 1972 Christmas theme from two White House collection paintings by Severin Roesen: Still Life with Fruit and Nature's Bounty. The tree featured 3,000 pastel satin finish balls, the state flower balls and 150 gold Federal stars. A 1973 "gold" theme tree honored James Monroe, who bought gilded tableware for the White House in 1817. Gold bead strings and balls enhanced its natural beauty.

The Nixons 1969 Christmas card.

The Nixons, 1969.

White House Historical Association

The Nixons' 1970 Christmas card.

The Nixons' 1971 Christmas card.

The Nixons' 1972 Christmas card.

The Nixons' 1973 Christmas card.

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