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The White House Historical Association’s Digital Library contains exclusive imagery of life at the White House, its famous residents, historic rooms and furnishings, diplomatic events, holiday celebrations, and more. We are pleased to be a resource for members of the press and will gladly provide images and information for stories.


Most of the information you need about an image can be found in the panel to the left of the image.

  • Title, Date, Description - Source for image captions
  • Credit line - Attribution
  • Image size - At the bottom of the column you can see the largest image we have on file, please keep this in mind when placing orders
  • There may be additional information about the image under the details, information, and reference tabs


Before requesting images from the Digital Library, please send your inquiry to and with details about your story, the type of images needed, and deadline. If you are already in communication with Jessica Fredericks, please note this in your email to

To request high-resolution images from the digital library, please make an account, add the images to the shopping cart, and fill out the form. When selecting sizes, please keep in mind that most images in the digital library are 3000-pixels on the long side and the larger sizes may not be available. Information about the largest file size available can be found under image information.

Once your request is in the queue, one of the members of the Digital Library team will approve your order. You can download images through the link provided in the notification email or in My Order History which is accessible from your account’s login menu. You will have access to the image files for two weeks.

Permissions and Crediting

Permission to use all images with White House Historical Association in the credit line is granted for a one-time use. If you need to re-use the images for another story or project, please consult us first and permission for that use must granted in writing. All images must be credited according the listed credit line from the information section on the asset’s page.

If you have any questions about this process, need help finding images, or have any other inquires, feel free to email us or the library team member whose been helping with your request.