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    American Voices in the White House Collection

    The White House is more than just a home and office for the President of the United States, it is also a museum housing a large collection of art. As the nation has grown and changed, so has the White House Collection. Explore the White House Collection and its uniquely American stories from diverse and innovative artists.

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    The White House Collection - "Resurrection" by Alma Thomas

    Take a closer look at a newer addition to the art of the White House - "Resurrection" by Alma Thomas. In this short video, the WHHA Education Team explores the first artwork by an African-American woman to join the permanent White House Collection.

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    White House History Weekly: Almas Thomas' "Resurrection"

    Today’s #WhiteHouseHistoryWeekly features the history and significance of Alma Thomas’ “Resurrection.” The White House Historical Association worked with First Lady Michelle Obama to acquire the beautiful painting. Alma Thomas is the first African American female to be represented in the White House Collection.

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