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    Examples of State Dinners Throughout History

    December 22, 1874: First State Dinner for a foreign head of state King David Kalakaua of the Kingdom of Hawaii. Hosted by President Ulysses S. Grant, the king had royal food testers to sample the more than 20-course White House dinner. 1902: The Roosevelt renovation included a major expansion of the State Dining Room from entertaining approximately 40 guests to the accommodation of 120 people.

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    Reagan's Ranch in the Heavens

    Commonly known as “Ranch in the Sky,” Rancho del Cielo was President Ronald Reagan’s rural property in the Santa Ynez Mountains just outside Santa Barbara, California.1 The Pacific Ocean, just a few miles to the south, can be seen from the peaks that nestle the small ranch house.2 It was among these mountains that President Reagan found the perfect reprie

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    Eleanor Roosevelt's "My Day": Entertainment

    The Roosevelts loved to entertain. During their thirteen-year stay in the White House, they used the mansion's grand setting to host receptions for congressmen, senators, governors, justices of the Supreme Court, foreign dignitaries, and even royalty. Less formal affairs included simple lunches or dinners with family and friends, intimate cocktail parties, teas, and game nights, as well as impromptu skits

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    Marian Anderson Performs at the White House

    One of the most memorable performances in White House history was Marian Anderson’s rendition of Schubert’s "Ave Maria" as the culmination of a gala "Evening of American Music" presented by Franklin and Eleanor Roosevelt in 1939. The entertainment was planned for a state visit by King George VI and Queen Elizabeth of England. Anderson’s powerful voice soared that evenin

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    Visiting the White House

    Read Digital Edition Foreword, William SealeCollecting White House Memories: Silver Spoons as Souvenirs, Rebecca Yerkes RogersA Visit to the White House in the 1940s: A Childhood Memory, Jeannine Smith ClarkThe President Smiled at Me and Other Memories of Washington, Lonn TaylorGrand Duke Alexis, A "Scion of Despotism," Visits the Ulysses S. Grant White House, Lee A. FarrowThe Infanta Eulalia of

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    The United Kingdom and Ireland in the White House

    For over two centuries, the United Kingdom and Ireland have enjoyed a relationship with the United States unparalleled in world history. The White House Historical Association, together with the British Embassy and the Embassy of Ireland, is illuminating these remarkable historic connections by organizing a full-day symposium titled The United Kingdom and Ireland in the White House: A Conversation on

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