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Iconic Moments has partnered with The White House Historical Association (WHHA) to produce a limited edition NFT (non-fungible token) as one of the 25 unique pieces in PROOF Collective’s Grails II NFT collection. The partnership is the WHHA’s first foray into the world of NFTs, and the first time PROOF Collective has invited an NFT marketplace to participate in its Grails program.

The NFT — a digital collectible that provides proof of ownership through a digital ledger known as a blockchain, which can be sold and traded on marketplaces like Iconic Moments — is a piece of artwork created by Linda Dounia Rebeiz, titled Sparrows Do Not Fear the Sun. The NFT is Rebeiz’s interpretation of the painting Resurrection by Alma Thomas, part of WHHA’s archive.

Sparrows Do Not Fear the Sun is initially available exclusively to PROOF Collective members as one of 25 pieces in their Grails II collection, their second collection in a series of original NFT artwork from diverse artists around the world. During an initial open minting window, artist identities are hidden from PROOF members, and are only revealed once the window closes through a livestream event.

The Iconic-WHHA NFT is created by Linda Dounia Rebeiz, titled Sparrows Do Not Fear the Sun. Rebeiz’s work uses physical and digital mediums and incorporates artificial intelligence, making her an ideal fit for paying homage to Alma Thomas - a Black female artist who pioneered a style and whose piece Resurrection the WHHA selected as inspiration for the NFT.

Painted in 1966 when Thomas was 74, Resurrection features Thomas’s signature abstract style. It depicts vibrantly colored, irregular, concentric circles forming a sunburst. The work was acquired for the White House Collection with support from George B. Hartzog, Jr., and the White House Acquisition Trust/WHHA and is the first work of art by a Black woman to be added to the White House Collection. First Lady Michelle Obama unveiled the piece in February 2015, revealing its place of honor overlooking the Old Family Dining Room.

“We’re extraordinarily honored to have been approached by Iconic Moments and PROOF Collective to participate in this exclusive, distinguished collection,” said Colleen Shogan, Senior Vice President of WHHA. “We see this as a one-of-a-kind opportunity to support and tell the story of Alma Thomas’ stunning artwork while also lifting up and highlighting the work of a modern, Black female artist through Linda Dounia Rebeiz’s digital interpretation.”

“Storytelling, history, and culture is at the core of what we do at Iconic Moments”, said Chris Cummings, Founder and CEO of Iconic Moments. “We are excited to partner with Linda, an incredible artist, and PROOF to bring awareness and funding to one of America’s most Iconic institutions: the White House Historical Association. This is our launching point for changing the way that people worldwide experience museums, culture, and art.”

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About Iconic Moments:

Iconic Moments is the first NFT platform focused on bringing stories and history to life for Iconic brands & cultural institutions. Using our industry experience, we work alongside our partners to develop enticing, story-rich campaigns centered on the deep culture and heritage their collections hold.

About Grails II and PROOF Collective

PROOF is a private members only collective of 1,000 dedicated NFT collectors and artists. Grails is an exclusive mint only available to PROOF Collective passholders. Each piece is a unique work of art made for the Grails drop in collaboration with some of the top artists in the space.

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About the White House Historical Association

First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy envisioned a restored White House that conveyed a sense of history through its decorative and fine arts. She sought to inspire Americans, especially children, to explore and engage with American history and its presidents. In 1961, the nonprofit, nonpartisan White House Historical Association was established to support her vision to preserve and share the Executive Mansion’s legacy for generations to come. Supported entirely by private resources, the Association’s mission is to assist in the preservation of the state and public rooms, fund acquisitions for the White House permanent collection, and educate the public on the history of the White House. Since its founding, the Association has given more than $115 million to the White House in fulfillment of its mission.

To learn more about the White House Historical Association, please visit