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Aug 21, 2015 Washington, D.C.

Today the White House Historical Association in partnership with the Washington Nationals announced an educational outreach program focused on White House and presidential history.

Together the two organizations developed a program, “White House at Bat: A Presidential History Challenge” for 11th grade students in Washington, D.C. public and public charter schools. The program examines the Constitutional powers of a president, focuses on decision-making in the White House, and considers how executive decisions throughout history were influenced by and impacted the diverse constituencies that make up the American citizenry.

“This program is at the heart of our partnership with the Washington Nationals. Expanding our educational reach through collaborations is an important way we fulfill our mission to educate the public about White House history,” said Stewart D. McLaurin, White House Historical Association President. “We believe this program will enrich high school students’ understanding of the important role the White House and the president play in shaping American history through an interactive and rewarding experience.”

The education program will feature a short-film competition, which will yield five videos that will be professionally filmed and edited for broadcast during a game at Nationals Park. Teachers and students will be provided with online background information on each of the Racing Presidents’ administrations, including significant accomplishments, period images of the White House, and access to primary documents related to the Washington, Jefferson, Lincoln, Theodore Roosevelt, and Taft presidencies.

White House Historical Association educators will also conduct one-hour programs at each school in preparation for a scripting and storyboard exercise upon request from the teachers. The student teams will use information sourced from primary documents as the basis for the video production. Full program details are available at

“For years our Racing Presidents have made presidential history fun and accessible,” said Washington Nationals Chief Revenue and Marketing Officer Valerie Camillo. “This season our partnership with the White House Historical Association has moved the excitement into the stands with the White House History Challenge. Now area schools are joining the fun. We look forward to giving students the exciting experience of having their work featured at the ballpark as part of the video challenge.”

FOR TEACHERS: Public and public charter school teachers are invited to join the Washington Nationals and the White House Historical Association at the ballpark for a game to learn more about the program at a “Back to School Night” on Tuesday, September 8. Interested teachers can learn more and register at

About the white house historical association

First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy envisioned a restored White House that conveyed a sense of history through its decorative and fine arts. She sought to inspire Americans, especially children, to explore and engage with American history and its presidents. In 1961, the nonprofit, nonpartisan White House Historical Association was established to support her vision to preserve and share the Executive Mansion’s legacy for generations to come. Supported entirely by private resources, the Association’s mission is to assist in the preservation of the state and public rooms, fund acquisitions for the White House permanent collection, and educate the public on the history of the White House. Since its founding, the Association has given more than $50 million to the White House in fulfillment of its mission.

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